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Point of Sale doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. RapidPOS is a cloud POS register, inventory management system and e-commerce website system all-in-one. Our software works on all types of hardware - iPad, Android, Windows and Mac.

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Point of Sale

You won't need extensive training to learn RapidPOS. Just put it in front of your staff and let them start taking orders. It's that easy!


We can design a beautiful online store for you and then connect it to your RapidPOS system. This will allow you to sell the same products online and in-store using a centralised management system.


With RapidPOS inventory your staff can immediately see real-time which items are in stock. The system also pre-emptively notifies you as to what needs to be re-ordered.


Add customer details then view purchase history and account details. Improve your customers' buying experience by sending receipts via email or SMS.


RapidPOS works with almost any hardware. Use your existing tablet, PC or Mac or you can purchase new hardware from our recommended hardware list.


Smart business owners know that 80% of their profits come from 20% of their customers. Our loyalty system will enable you to maximise your profit from all your customers.


Our back-office systems can provide you with real-time insights into your sales and business intelligence via a cloud portal. This means you can keep an eye on your business wherever you are.


If you have multiple sites you can deploy RapidPOS at each location and view consolidated reports. Create a new product in the database and it will instantly be available at all sites.


Adding, editing and removing products is easy with RapidPOS. You can add images, descriptions and specify if an item is GST free.

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RapidPOS works on any hardware with a browser

If you have an existing touch-screen terminal, laptop, tablet, or computer you can probably use that. Alternatively we can provide you with a bundle from our recommended hardware list.

RapidPOS is great for all sorts of businesses.


Clothing stores need to know what items are popular so they can keep ahead of the competition. RapidPOS allows you to view your real-time sales and inventory at any time.

Hair & Beauty

Hair and beauty salons need POS software that is fast, easy-to-use and reliable. RapidPOS has you covered. If you have multiple stores, you can view reports on all locations.


With RapidPOS you can keep track of your inventory, view real-time sales reports and see which are your most popular and profitable products.

Health Food

Why spend thousands or tens of thousands on a complicated POS system when RapidPOS has all the features you need at a price that makes sense?


Restaurants work on very tight margins and can't afford to waste money. RapidPOS makes things easy for you and your staff while keeping costs to a minimum.


Cafes often have a large number of staff on a rotating roster. With RapidPOS there is no need for extensive staff training. New staff can start taking orders right away.

Specialty Stores

RapidPOS is great for any size specialty store as you can get up and running within a few minutes and track sales wherever you are. Easy!

Bike Shops

Fast and easy-to-use POS system that's perfect for bike shops. Smart reporting allows to you see what's selling and what's not at each of your stores.

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$ 10 /week

Billed monthly

Unlimited products

9 register staff logins

1 back office user account

technical support

Powerful reporting


$ 15 /week

Billed monthly

Unlimited products

9 register staff logins

1 back office user account

technical support

Powerful reporting

Inventory tracking

Customer records


$ 20 /week

Billed monthly

Website hosting

Product management

Connect RapidPOS to website

Integrated inventory

How do I get started with RapidPOS?

Do it yourself

If you're the kind of person that likes to get your hands dirty we can setup your 30 day free trial and give you the keys right away. We're just an email or phone call away if you need us.

We can do the work for you

Our technicians can setup your system exactly the way you want it - no charge! We'll send you a template so you can enter your product list and and answer few questions. Leave the rest to us.

Work with a partner

If you want someone onsite, we can arrange for a technician to visit to set up your hardware and software and show you how to use RapidPOS (charges apply).

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